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Trivia SuperStars is a live quiz application. During the broadcasts made, participants answer the questions asked correctly and earn Trivia Coins from the prize pool.
It is free of charge to download the application and join the game.
Anyone can participate in the Trivia SuperStars Quiz. The user will be deemed to have accepted the terms of use that the contest will be invalid in cases of invalid sign-in methods or methods which do not meet the terms of use.
You can download it from the Apple App-Store and Google Play Store.
No. If you answer the questions correctly, you will win Trivia Coins which are virtual coins for in game items and you will win Wisdom Points to increase your in game IQ Level.
Once you have downloaded the application onto your phone and have signed up using the code, the instructions will direct you to the game page. We will notify you when the broadcast begins.
You can use Whatsapp login or Apple/Google IDs.
There are three (3) wildcard models, but each wild-card cannot be used more than once in a competition.
Wildcard for Extra Life: The user advances on to the next round even if he/she answers the question incorrectly.
Wildcard for Double Answer: The user can mark two (2) of the options, thus increasing his/her chances.
Wildcard for Pass: The user passes directly to the next question without any loss, by saying ''pass'' directly.
You can increase them by choosing and purchasing the right package for you on the market page in the application.
No, you cannot change your username.
 You can send an e-mail to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing your comments.
You can always e-mail to [email protected].